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Sharing #AppianLife behind the scenes, one blog post at a time!


A Decade Plus of Impact and Adventure at Appian

Terri McCormick won a camping trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands as an Appian Pillar Award winner. Read about her trip, her impact at Appian over the last decade, and how she created psychological safety on her team.

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Three Ways We Lead with Respect at Appian

Stephen Vanaria, SVP of Customer Success, explains what respect looks and sounds like in our everyday work with customers and coworkers around the world. Read about how we lead with respect at Appian.

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My First Eight Months at Appian Mexico

Victor Kuri sees the Customer Success team building Appian history in Latin America. Read about the growth potential, stability, and work-life balance that brought him to Appian.

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Traveling the Software Underground

Here at Appian, our clear engineering career tracks have paved the way for every engineer who works with us so that they can choose a career track that's meant for them. Check them out.

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Qualipalooza 2023 Recap

At Appian, quality is our top priority, and last month we wrapped up an incredible 8th edition of Qualipalooza! This annual Engineering tradition is all about enhancing the quality of our platform, and this year was bigger and better than ever…