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Sharing #AppianLife behind the scenes, one blog post at a time!

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Automate Code: Signing with Vault App Roles

Appian builds custom versions of its mobile application for its customers. To do this, we offer customers the option to send us their code-signing credentials which we secure in Vault,…

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The Garbage Collection Mysteries (Volume 1) — An Awkward Pause

Background Around the end of 2019, an Appian alert was raised by an application server health check request failing to get a response from a customer site for almost 7 minutes. During the investigation, support engineering saw a corresponding 7…


My 3 Year Journey With Appian

When Zach discovered an opportunity at Appian, he knew he wanted to pursue it as it offered the perfect blend of software delivery and consulting he was looking for. Read as he takes you through his journey of working at Appian the past 3 years.

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Do What You Love and Love What You Do

When looking at where I am today at Appian, I can’t help but think back to where I might’ve gone. It all started back when I graduated from high school, feeling torn on what to pursue as a career...


Growing with Appian Engineering

Get the inside scoop from not 1, but 3 of our Engineering employees about what makes Appian's Engineering Department so special and what contributed to their positive long-term journey thus far!

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AppianPride 2020 Recap

AppianPride was the second employee-led affinity group to launch within Appian back in 2017. And while the mission has had minor tweaks over the last 3 years, the group’s premise has remained fairly the same: to celebrate and foster a safe, equal,…

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This Is What Happens When You Follow Your Passion

Senior IT Engineer, Salim Khan shares where he envisioned his career going, where it actually went, and how following his passion led him to not only a career he enjoyed but more fulfilling life.

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My 9 Month Journey with Appian

Senior Consultant, Pedro Simoes, celebrates his 9-month journey with Appian by sharing what his journey has been like so far, for those who may be interested in joining.

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Get to Know Matt Wennersten

Learn all about Matt Wennersten and what his role looks like as a Technical Delivery Manager at Appian

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Product Illustration at Appian

Imagine you are a new Appian Developer. You’re exploring the platform and land on the DevOps section of the Admin Console. You’re not familiar with DevOps practices, but you’re interested in understanding what Health Check can do for you...

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Growing While Giving Back

We sat down for a Q&A with two Appian employees to learn about the volunteer initiatives they have been involved in.