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Sharing #AppianLife behind the scenes, one blog post at a time!

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A Look Inside "The Cloud" Team at Appian

The Cloud Team is responsible for building and maintaining the cloud infrastructure for our Appian Platform as a Service offering. Lead Cloud Engineer, Tom Ryan, breaks down what they do and all that he's gained from being apart of the team.

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My Journey to Motherhood

Hello There My name is Sasha Cassidy and I’m a Solutions Success Manager (SSM) at Appian based out of Boston, MA. In my role as a SSM, I am the Solutions Owner for Workforce Safety, responsible for working with Sales, Solutions, Marketing, and…


5 Ways to Go Green This Earth Week

Appian Consultant and AppianGreen board member, Kevin Froimson, discusses 5 easy ways to Go Green not only during Earth week but year-round.

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Automate Code: Signing with Vault App Roles

Appian builds custom versions of its mobile application for its customers. To do this, we offer customers the option to send us their code-signing credentials which we secure in Vault,…

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The Garbage Collection Mysteries (Volume 1) — An Awkward Pause

Background Around the end of 2019, an Appian alert was raised by an application server health check request failing to get a response from a customer site for almost 7 minutes. During the investigation, support engineering saw a corresponding 7…


My 3 Year Journey With Appian

When Zach discovered an opportunity at Appian, he knew he wanted to pursue it as it offered the perfect blend of software delivery and consulting he was looking for. Read as he takes you through his journey of working at Appian the past 3 years.

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Do What You Love and Love What You Do

When looking at where I am today at Appian, I can’t help but think back to where I might’ve gone. It all started back when I graduated from high school, feeling torn on what to pursue as a career...