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Sharing #AppianLife behind the scenes, one blog post at a time!

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Creatively Working Through COVID Part 8

Senior Product Manager, Lizzie Rubenfield, discusses what her life has been like since moving back home with her parents in Boston to stay safe during COVID.

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Creatively Working Through COVID Part 6

Adam Glaser, VP of Product Development, shares how he and his wife are both managing their work schedules, while finding opportunities to create engaging and memorable experiences with their 3 boys.

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Appian Internship Program: Simply Virtual

The saying goes it takes a village, and truer words have never been spoken. Over the past eight years, the internship program has thrived in person, but with the current pandemic we had to reconsider our format. I am thrilled to share Appian’s…

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Creatively Working Through COVID Part 5

Anastasia Race, Senior Director, Alliances APAC, walks us through her new normal and shares a few things that have helped her during this time to stay connected with family, colleagues, and the Partners she supports!

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Creatively Working Through COVID Part 4

Challenge accepted, Mike! With managing teams across Europe, Middle East and Australia, this lockdown situation is a big change, with many challenges. However, it’s also great to be home-based for an extended period of time and sleep in my own bed…

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Bring Customers Joy with Automation

Appian application Automation these days can be viewed as an attempt for businesses to separate themselves from their customers to save time or money. It is used to send customers down automated tunnels so as to reduce costs and remove the…

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Creatively Working Through COVID Part 3

Mike Heffner, VP Global Industry Lead, walks us through his new routine of which includes daily meditation, virtual meetings, a daily family ping-pong tournament, and more.

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Creatively Working Through COVID Part 2

Dawn Mitchell, VP of HR, walks us through her new "normal" while working full-time remote with two kids under 5 running (and crawling) around.

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Creatively Working Through COVID

Theresa Thomas, Senior Director of Proposals, shows us that perspective can play a big role in how to effectively and creatively manage a team, while also having 2 kids home during this time.