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5 Ways to Go Green This Earth Week


Happy Earth Week!

Hi everyone, I’m Kevin! I began my career at Appian four and a half years ago as a Consultant in our Customer Success department. I recently transitioned into the role of Product Manager in our Engineering department. In addition to my role, I am also involved in AppianGreen, one of our seven affinity groups.

I joined AppianGreen shortly after it was founded, and have been a board member for the past three years. Our goal as a group is to minimize Appian’s environmental footprint and encourage sustainable choices through education and awareness. Through AppianGreen, I have planned local park cleanups, brought in guest speakers, and continue to learn how to live more sustainably. This year, I am leading our Earth Week initiatives. In honor of Earth Day, we have planned a week-long series of events filled with trivia, in-house TedTalks, and a guest speaker.

In addition to these events, it is with excitement that I share “5 ways to Go Green this Earth Week.” While there are countless ways you can contribute to the overall goal to “Restore Our Earth,” here are a few suggestions to help you reduce your impact not only this week but all year long.

5 Ways to Go Green this Earth Week

1. Go Plant-Based
Moving towards a plant-based diet is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. While you don’t need to completely cut out chicken, burgers, and bacon, simply cutting back on meat consumption can make a big difference for the environment. To understand how much your food choices impact the planet, try one of these “foodprint” calculators. Some helpful tips include ordering a plant-based dinner from a nearby restaurant, or trying one of these swaps at home!

2. Reduce Your Waste
Cut the plastics. Did you know that the world uses approximately two trillion plastic bags every year? That amounts to two million per minute! Most end up in landfills or in our rivers, lakes, and oceans, where they can harm wildlife. Consider cutting your use of plastics by bringing your own bags to the grocery store or opting out of receiving utensils with food deliveries.

Compost & Recycle. This week, give composting a try, either outdoors or in your apartment. If composting seems like a big step, perhaps take a moment to refresh your recycling habits and learn how you currently may be doing it wrong!

3. Get Outside!
Getting outside allows you to develop a connection to nature and explore your neighborhood. Research suggests that spending time in nature can also help reduce stress and anxiety, and maybe even improve your memory. You may find new hideaways or parks that you never knew existed. In the long run, developing these habits can encourage you to try additional modes of transportation and help you reduce car trips. While you’re at it, consider joining a park cleanup or leading one of your own. You may be surprised by how much you can accomplish through plogging.

4. Plants, Plants, and More Plants
Looking for a new hobby? Consider taking the time to find your green thumb. Start small by planting a low-maintenance house plant, or take it a step further by cultivating an herb garden. Supplementing your lawn with native plants can improve air quality, reduce water usage, and provide habitat for local wildlife. Big or small, plants of all kinds can help you to better connect to nature.

5. Reflect and Plan
Remember, your journey to becoming more sustainable takes time and effort. But every small action matters. This Earth week, calculate your carbon footprint to learn how you are impacting the environment, and make a plan to start making more sustainable choices. Earth week is a powerful opportunity to take time out of our busy schedules to imagine a better, greener world.