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Holiday Celebrations Around the World at Appian

Travel and Workplace Events Manager, Christa Zeladonis, takes us behind the scenes of our 10+ global Appian holiday events. Hear about the planning and browse through our photo highlights.

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Thankful for Appian: Support and Strength through a Tough Time

Pat Finley was diagnosed with leukemia last October. Thanks to Appian benefits and his team's support, he could fully focus on recovery. Read to learn how he became the fastest person to complete a marathon after getting a bone marrow transplant.

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My Customer Success Work as a Board Game

Working with customers to create an automation strategy is a lot like a board game. Zach Kahn wrote up the rules, how to play a turn, and how to win points. Ready to play?

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Joining the Appian Chennai Team: What to Expect

Courtney Connolly answers common questions she’s heard from candidates, and shares her experience staying connected to the global Appian community. Read more about what to expect on the Chennai Engineering team.