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Lyndsey Ferguson



Lyndsey is a Principal Software Engineer at Appian.

Lyndsey has written 6 posts

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Automate Code: Signing with Vault App Roles

Appian builds custom versions of its mobile application for its customers. To do this, we offer customers the option to send us their code-signing credentials which we secure in Vault,…

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Customizing and Code-Signing a Mobile App

Background As we saw in “Bring Customers Joy With Automation”, Appian builds custom versions of the mobile Appian application for its customers. To do so, our old process was to apply the customer’s desired settings and images to our mobile code…

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Automatically Secure Code-Signing Assets

At Appian, we were faced with the challenge of safely securing the customer’s signing assets in an automated way. See how we solved this problem.


Painless Code-Signing Assets

As I wrote in “Bring Customers Joy With Automation,” we at Appian need to create customized versions of our Appian mobile application for our customers. To create these customized applications for iOS, we need several pieces of information...

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Bring Customers Joy with Automation

Appian application Automation these days can be viewed as an attempt for businesses to separate themselves from their customers to save time or money. It is used to send customers down automated tunnels so as to reduce costs and remove the…

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Rescue Your Mobile Builds from Madness Using Fastlane

When you start writing an iOS application, you are typically focused on getting the app built and shipped. That means writing the code, maybe some unit tests to make sure your logic works as expected, and a script or two that builds and runs your app