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Suvajit Gupta



Suvajit is the Executive Vice President of Engineering at Appian.

Suvajit has written 3 posts

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Traveling the Software Underground

Here at Appian, our clear engineering career tracks have paved the way for every engineer who works with us so that they can choose a career track that's meant for them. Check them out.


Dogfooding Appian

Appian is a low-code platform that turns your business ideas into enterprise-class applications. This article covers why and how Appian uses our software (or “eat our own dog food”) to run and scale our department.

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Scaling Your Agile Organization

If you work in a growing, Agile organization, you will sooner or later face the challenge of trying to keep your multiple, autonomous, Scrum teams rowing in the same direction. I work at Appian where the Engineering team builds a low-code platform…