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Grow your Career on our Government Acquisitions Team in Customer Success

Abhi Abhishek Shadangi


I’m leading our growing Government Acquisitions team in Customer Success which is modernizing federal acquisition processes and systems. It’s a phenomenal space to be in. We’re an innovative team, and now is an exciting time to join and grow your career in Government Acquisitions at Appian.

Growth and Innovation with public sector customers.

Our Government Acquisition solutions provide integrated support across the acquisition business process. Starting with our Requirements Management solution, Appian modernizes the process to initially capture and manage government needs, which feeds downstream processes like Contract Writing, Clause Management, and Source Selection. Appian puts user experience and compliance upfront. Our user interfaces are designed to be intuitive out of the box, and Appian’s solutions are built around the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Additionally, our clients benefit from our platform technology, allowing clients to use our low-code design to easily add features that support their unique business processes and mission requirements.  

We’re seeing a ripple effect as we hear more success stories from our public sector customers. We started in the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) supporting its telecommunications acquisition. Then we worked with the United States Air Force to successfully replace the Standard Procurement System (SPS). This led to our continued development of the Government Acquisition Management Solutions at Appian. 

Now, we’re leading implementations in customers across the United States Public Sector including at the federal, state, and local levels. 

A big part of our success is how our team is focused on solving customers’ problems in new and innovative ways, by exploring AI, low-code, and automation. Matt Berry, Manager of Technical Training Development, said he wished he had our product throughout his ten years in the military because he saw how it could solve inefficiencies in everyday work.  

While we're currently focused on the US public sector, we are looking towards expanding to global clients by supporting our Asia Pacific (APAC) region team in Australia and our Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) team based out of London. We have so much growth ahead and we’re only at the tip of the iceberg.

How Appian helped the US Air Force successfully replace the Standard Procurement System (SPS) and modernize acquisitions on Appian.

Before Appian, the US Air Force relied on legacy procurement systems built using legacy technology that was costly to maintain and did not easily support the mission with the functionality needed. To support their SPS modernization goals, the USAF selected Appian to implement an integrated contract-writing solution, called CON-IT. Our Customer Success team worked closely with one of our Partners and helped the USAF to scale in users, retire the use of SPS, and become the contract writing solution used across the Air Force. In its first year, we helped the Air Force save $80 million and supported more than 4,000 system users.

Now the US Air Force is one of our champions. They’ve attended our conferences, spoken on the main stage about their experience with Appian, and joined our Acquisition Summit. Since this implementation, Appian has been adopted by other federal and Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.

Join for growth, and stay for the learning-obsessed culture. 

I’ve stayed at Appian for almost 18 years and I think that says a lot about our learning culture. It’s a learning and growth-focused environment for people who are always asking, “what’s next?” That’s contagious and always challenges me to continue learning.

We’re looking for people who lean forward and who are ready to grow in their careers and take a bigger role than they have ever taken. People who join our team today are in the driver's seat and helping change the course of how our team will evolve and grow. 

There’s so much growth ahead for Appian in the public sector on the Government Acquisitions team and by joining the team now, you’re contributing in an active role in shaping what Appian will look like in the next few years.

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Written by

Abhishek Shadangi

Abhishek Shadangi is a Area Vice President, Customer Success at Appian