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Inventing the Future of Tech

Unnamed (5) Pavel Zamudio-Ramirez

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When you join Appian, you are joining an organization that will listen to your ideas and provide you with opportunities to make substantial change. We thrive on collaboration and a culture where all employees are encouraged to challenge and elevate one another. Employees are empowered to make a positive impact in support of our customers and within our organization and greater community. 

Defining the Future of Technology.

I’m Pavel Zamudio-Ramirez, Chief Customer Officer & Senior Vice President, Customer Success. Before I joined the tech industry, my career was in management consulting, where I worked with organizations on capability development, business transformation, and innovation. In these various roles, it became clear to me that every organization is or is on its way to becoming a software company, where applications are part of the business and not a peripheral development. 

As organizations realize their software needs, the world will need experts in building applications that help us collaborate and achieve our business goals. The Appian low-code automation platform is the next generation of enterprise software that will enable organizations to achieve this. Appian is leading the movement to define the future of technology. 

Focusing on Impact.

We have always had a strong professional services team at Appian, but we knew that we had to further develop in order to support our customers’ future needs. The  Customer Success team provides technical advice and helps customers design and develop applications- but that is not all we do. We are committed to the success of our customers, meaning we enable them to quickly obtain value from our technology while leveraging it to foster innovation.  Appian is home to the best Appian practitioners in the market — how do we keep it that way?  

Every employee on our team is able to point to their impact shortly after joining. Our new hires complete a comprehensive and engaging training program where they gain actionable practices, allowing them to quickly start developing applications and contributing to projects. After only a few weeks, new hires will find themselves on a project delivery team, working directly with our customers. 

The roles on our team are created with both the customer and employee in mind. How do we ensure the best value for our customers while enabling our employees to have meaningful careers? We focus on impact. 

Take our Success Management team, for example. The Customer Success Managers, or CSMs, proactively guide customers through the product lifecycle by helping them identify new and better ways to use our technology. They help customers anticipate future business needs, taking them from building simple functional applications to developing high value, mission critical applications for their business. 

CSMs work closely with our delivery teams, which include both consultant and architect roles.  Consultants work directly with customers throughout the entire life-cycle of projects to define, design, and implement business process based solutions with Appian technology. Architects are trusted technical advisors to our customers, and act as key technical leaders for our delivery teams. The consultants and architects on our teams are not only experts at building and scaling Appian technical solutions, they also quickly become business process experts in the various customer industries they support. 

Some of our Customer Success team members gathered at our Headquarters to meet for the first time!

Our Education Services team plays a critical role in our success as Appian continues to grow. The demand for Appian talent has never been so high, and our Education Services team is essential to support this demand. This team impacts every  employee in their first weeks at Appian,  through our new hire training program, Academy.  Academy ensures that our new employees are equipped with the skills they need to be successful in their Appian careers. Education Services also trains thousands of Appian partners and practitioners every year, helping them improve their skills, and ultimately enhancing their careers.  

Every Customer Success employee can pinpoint the impact that their work has on our customers, and our organization. This is part of the culture at Appian — we hire people who are problem-solvers and want to see the direct impact of their work. They want to create results of significant value, not just check a box. 

Be a part of leading the change. 

The majority of the  world we will live in 5-10 years from now hasn’t been invented yet. When you look at your life and what you did today, how much was invented in recent years? The world will never be as slow as it is today and this degree of acceleration isn’t going to slow down. We need to get ahead of it and be adaptable. 

We recognize this at Appian, and we know that the majority of the organization we’re going to be in five years may include roles and teams around technology that hasn’t been invented yet. But while the roles may change, we will continue to hold onto our culture of innovation and our dedication to impact. 

If you are looking to combine your business acumen, passion for technology and penchant for innovation, consider joining our team!  The Appian Customer Success team is obsessed with great customer outcomes, and we’re hiring!  Check out our team’s career opportunities here. 

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Written by

Pavel Zamudio-Ramirez

Pavel is the Chief Customer Officer & Senior Vice President of our Customer Success Department at Appian.