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My Appian Internship Journey Part 2

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My Appian story started at the Duke Spring Career Fair where I met my recruiter, Juliet Wilson. Unlike recruiters at other booths who just asked the typical “What’s your major?”, she asked me about my experience at Duke, my semester abroad, and what I do for fun! I felt like I was having a genuine conversation with someone who wanted to get to know me. She told me to apply to the Strategy Internship, I did, and now here I am!

Campus Team sent us a box of swag!

Tell us about the team you’re on this summer.

I‘m currently working with the Strategy Office this summer. We monitor and formulate initiatives for Appian’s overall success. My team consists of me, another intern, and two full-time Strategy Analysts. They’re the absolute epitome of work hard, play hard. I truly admire the ambition and work ethic of my mentors, but I really love that they care about the team culture as well. We have happy hours, trivia nights, team lunches, and they always try to introduce us to other departments. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better team!

Cows and Bulls is my new favorite game

What work are you most proud of thus far at Appian?

My main project for the summer is quantifying the benefits of the Appian Guarantee, which was an initiative launched in 2018 that ensures a project delivery in just 8 weeks for Appian customers. It’s a pretty hefty project, but the opportunity to present my data, conclusions, and recommendations to executives is truly amazing. You can rarely find that kind of impact and responsibility in other internships!

Any advice for future interns that join us?

Learn! Learn about what you’re good at, learn about other people’s experiences at Appian, learn about other departments and what they’re working on, etc. You have the opportunity to absorb so much information in such a short period of time, make the best of it!

Ask for constant feedback! People at Appian are incredibly smart, but they also have a growth mindset. Check in with your mentors and see how you can grow and improve. They’re more than happy to help.

Have fun! The Appian culture and the people are amazing. Go to the intern events, the happy hours, game nights, etc. and just get to know each other!

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