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Get to Know Appian Engineering: Linda Chiang

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Hello! I’m Linda Chiang and I’m a Technical Mentor of Software Development within Appian’s Engineering department. I joined Appian in January 2014 — I can’t believe how quickly 6 years has flown by. I went to UVA (Go Hoos), and I have a huge love of potato chips. One of my friends/teammates in the past tried to play a prank on me and bought 8 HUGE bags of chips (they were in big garbage bags) for my birthday. The bags were hidden in multiple different places in my life and were numbered 1–10, with one or two bags “missing”. I found one bag at my dance studio and my manager even handed me one during our one on one at the office!

Briefly describe what team you are on and some of your responsibilities in your role.

I am on the Development Productivity team, and our main focus is to enable customers to collaborate and create their applications more quickly. We have a total of 10 people on the Development Productivity team, and I serve as both the backup squad coach and a technical lead. I help unblock people (whether that is helping them directly or finding additional resources for them) and contribute to the architectural design of our features.

What excites you about your role at Appian?

I like being seen as an expert or a “go to” person for technical advice or help. My specialties include the import/export framework, the designer environment as a whole, and SAIL development, to name a few. As a manager, I really enjoy helping people grow so they can reach their goals. I have helped colleagues become more comfortable with code reviews and debugging as well as reassure and help them build their self-confidence.

What are your passions and hobbies outside of work?

Dance, gardening, eating, traveling, playing video games — just to name a few.

I had the opportunity to travel to South Korea with friends

What would you say is your favorite part about working at Appian?

I very much enjoy being around the people I work with! They make work fun — I see them as friends and not just coworkers. I also really like the area of the product that I work on, as it’s focused around the design/development aspect of Appian applications. I enjoy solving how to (technically) achieve ways we can improve customer development efficiencies.

Can you share any insight into a project you’re currently working on?

Sure! My team is currently working on a really cool new feature called “Shared Packages”.

What is unique about the software that Appian provides?

Software specifically, I would say versatility. Appian provides so much flexibility when it comes to creating business applications — integrating with 3rd party tools, machine learning/AI, ability to custom build applications and processes, custom theming, etc.

What attracted you to Appian Engineering?

The people and the fast paced environment.