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Creatively Working Through COVID Part 2

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Challenge accepted Theresa! In the spirit of this challenge (and limited time with two kids at home) I’ll jump right to the questions.

Tell us about the quirks of your new co-workers.

The concept of social distancing is incomprehensible to my new coworkers but thankfully they’re cute so I’m coping.

First up is Reed. He’s a rolly polly 8 month old with a helmet, big blue eyes and slobber for days.

Favorite part of the day, meal time


Second is Jack. He’s a 5 year old with endless questions, affinity for fart noises and an astounding amount of energy.

This lasted 5 minutes


Third is Lola, a crotchety ten year old golden doodle who doesn’t want to be bothered unless there is food within reach, or I’m occupied with a task that doesn’t involve her. And last, but not least, is Nick. Husband and teammate in this new WFH with kids situation, who also has a full time job.

Have baby, will walk around the block while social distancing


Describe your new normal.

Nick’s job is customer facing, so each day is a bit different but in general it goes like this…

5:30 AM — Wake up, and get some uninterrupted work time in before I hear elephant-like footsteps from Jack upstairs around 6:30/7:00 AM.

7:00 AM — Breakfast time and schedule run through with Nick. Thankfully, Reed is a solid napper and Jack can be kind of self directed, so we have solid work windows each day from 9–11 AM and 1–3 PM. In the off hours, we trade off depending on what needs to get done that day. If it’s a meeting with my team, they have become accustomed to seeing me feed Reed and yell at Jack about two times to turn the volume down.

12:00 PM — We try to go outside for at least 30 minutes because as I mentioned above, Jack has a scary amount of energy.

5:00 PM — At this point, my coworkers are restless and hitting the witching hour before bedtime, so I try to wind down work.

7:30 PM — Kids in bed, wrap up work and if possible, try and fit in an hour of mindless television courtesy of Bravo.

Quick Tip — At the start of each week I write out a list of to-do’s, highlighting what is critical that week and focus on the critical tasks first. In this situation where time is precious I am finding it extremely helpful to focus on short, time bound goals that support our overall goals and objectives for the year.

What do you miss about the office?

My other co-workers. As cute as my current crew is, I miss my Appian colleagues and the beautiful space at our HQ. Never again will I take for granted the ergonomic desk/chair set up (thank you Glenda!), the ability to find quiet spaces to work and the ability to walk over to someone for a catch up or an answer. Our virtual happy hours have been a savior in this time but I am very much looking forward to being back in the office!

Watching or reading anything new?

Cosmic Yoga and the various renditions of Baby Shark on Youtube, Disney Nature series on Netflix and if I’m being totally honest I’ve been sucked into Love is Blind. I can’t say I’m recommending it, but I started so have to see how it ends!

I’d like to challenge Mike Heffner, Vice President of Global Industry Leads, to share what his journey has been like at home with teenagers!