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Creatively Working Through COVID Part 9

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Challenge accepted by Lizzie — Enjoyed hearing about #AppianLife in the Boston area!

Tell us about the quirks of your new co-workers.

Before COVID, I lived with a couple of roommates in NYC and decided to stay in the Epicenter during this time. My girlfriend and I recently moved into a new apartment in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan, and occasionally puppysit our friends new English Bulldog Puppy named Stanley! Would you look at that smile!

Describe your new normal.

Before quarantine I was often out onsite meeting with clients or having casual coffee introductions with prospective clients all throughout midtown. Now I’ve had to adjust to doing everything right at home. What’s been great is that most of my clients are also in NYC and have to deal with the same new “norm” as well. Although I’m not physically meeting with clients, we’ve found many creative ways to meet via Webex meetings. Below is a picture of a virtual event where Appian hosted a virtual celebrity cooking class for our clients with Chopped Chef, Amanda Freitag! Shout out to our Field Marketing team for putting together one amazing event.

When I am not working, I always make sure I sneak in a run to stay in shape since the gyms have been closed since March. The first photo below is the East River — I love running up and down East River park. Along with exercise, I am a huge foodie! I’ve enjoyed making creative meals that I probably wouldn’t have tried prior to quarantine. I also enjoy packing snacks and spending time at my favorite parks like Central Park, Madison Square Park, and Washington Square Park to name a few.

What do you miss about the office?

I’m a very personable person and feed off the energy of others — one of the reasons I love being a sales professional! Being quarantined at home, and not having a centralized area where we can all work together has been tough. I miss the camaraderie we had at the NYC WeWork — especially the coffee runs and lunch breaks. The best part of our NYC office is we have a handful of different amazing personalities across the organization. From sales to engineering— we called it our HQ #2!

Looking forward to creatively finding ways for us to all get together again as NYC continues its reopening phases.

Watching or reading anything new?

Currently reading Art: Become Confident Fast by Aron Kuehnemann, which helps the average art enthusiast to have a better understanding of the profession and coaches you to look at art from a different perspective. As for TV, I’ve finished a few Netflix series, but the most recent being Ozark!

Lastly, I love sports. You can only imagine how excited I am for Baseball and Basketball to kick back off soon (fingers-crossed).

Next up — I am challenging Regional Vice President, Drew Ferrara, to see how he is coping through quarantine with his wife, two awesome young kids in the beautiful town of Westport, Connecticut!