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Pa-ppian: Life As A Dad At Appian

Paul Paul Mayeur

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September, 2014

Hi everyone! I’m Paul and I started working at Appian in September of 2014 as a Quality Engineer. When I accepted the job, I knew my wife was pregnant with our first child but we  hadn’t really told anyone just yet. Like most companies, Appian kicks off orientation on the first day and I used that time to ask questions about how our benefits could support my family.

Since I had been only employed for a few weeks, I figured I wouldn’t be able to take time off. Luckily, my manager told me not to worry; he was happy to be flexible with my schedule and allowed me to take time off to spend quality time with my first child. From that moment, I knew Appian was different when it came to caring about their employees, and encouraging us to be present during life’s most precious moments. I truly felt supported from the start. 

Another form of “support” I received was through the internal “Parents’ Group” chat. It is an awesome resource for parents and provides a space for us to ask each other questions, such as: “Does anyone know of a good summer camp for 12 year olds?” or “My daughter is learning to program, are there any cool new toys you recommend?” Colleagues even offer clothes or books that their kids no longer use. This group has really helped me over the years.


July, 2022

Eight years later, I am still at Appian and happy to say all of the above still rings true. I am now a Lead Quality Engineer and have been able to grow both in my career and as a father too.

We have welcomed another addition to our family! Our first is now seven (time flies!) and our second is going to be four next month! Not only has my family grown, but Appian has also grown. We now have around 1900 employees spanning the globe and offer all parents 12 weeks of Paid Parental Leave. Appian is flexible with when we can take the leave as well. I have seen new fathers take 4 weeks initially then 8 weeks once their partner has to return to work. This gives the parents almost 6 months time before needing to consider daycare! 

Speaking of daycare, Appian now has a daycare (Celebree) at our Headquarters in McLean, VA. This is a great opportunity for parents to get accustomed to their children entering daycare because they are within very close proximity. Coming from a parent who utilizes this daycare, it is great to know I can run downstairs at any time just to check in on my kids. There have been times where I could pick them up for a quick lunch in our cafeteria or have a picnic outside. Some of my favorite memories are driving to and from work because my kids are with me. My wife often says she is jealous because I get to drop off and pick them up every day. 

There's a lot of engagement within the kids group chat.  I enjoy updating other parents with the latest kid news.

The “Kids" group chat room is still going very strong and we have some of the most amazing conversations. They range from “My kid loves the tv show Bluey, everyone must watch it!” to “How do I stop my kid from taking one bite out of every pickle in the jar”? I even enjoy just updating my coworkers on how I am able to spend time with my kids. It is really fun and insightful to talk to everyone about their personal experiences. As we grow as a company, more and more of my coworkers are joining the parenting life. Regardless of size, Appian continues to show they care by sending a box of goodies to every new parent as they adjust. 

Box of goodies sent out to new parents and their child.

There’s many parental perks at Appian that I enjoy on a day to day basis. My personal favorite is the overall work flexibility. Our informal policy of “get your work done” and be “transparent with your team” has allowed me to take time off to enjoy special moments with my kids. I have been able to chaperone their school field trips which was something I always dreamed of doing before I was even a parent. Another perk is our headquarters. My kids beg me to bring them to the “daddy’s toy and snack office.” In fact, Appian just hosted an annual “Spring Fling” at HQ, which was a family friendly event with carnival games, food, and music to officially kick off summer. I took my kids and they especially loved the dunk tank and cotton candy machine. They are already asking when they can go back again.

Picture from our Spring Fling event at Appian HQ. 

Here at Appian, we value the whole-person, and all aspects of their lives and I have seen it firsthand through the support I have received as a father. So regardless of whether you have to drop your kid off before work, or pick them up early to go to piano lessons, Appian encourages you to do so. If you are a new parent at Appian (or are not working with us yet), rest assured: you’ll find a great home here. Check out our open positions and apply today!


Written by

Paul Mayeur

Paul is a Lead Quality Engineer at Appian.