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Why We Brought Our Marketing Careers To The Low-code Growth Movement

Darr Gerscovich Headshot Darr Gerscovich

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Think of when the internet was born. To build a website, you had to be a developer; fast forward to today, and young kids can build a website robust enough for the face of a Fortune 500 company.  

The low-code movement today is where the internet was a decade ago. That’s how Darr Gerscovich, VP of Product & Solution Marketing, describes the pivotal growth opportunity Appian is at right now.

To learn about what your career could look like marketing our product, we asked Darr Gerscovich to share his experience. 

Meet Darr Gerscovich, Vice President, Product & Solution Marketing.

  • Joined the Appian team in 2019

Drawn to a Marketing career at Appian with solid humans. 

My career with Appian began as a consultant when I lived on the west coast. The first time I visited Appian headquarters in McLean, Virginia it was only for a few days. After that visit, I was convinced that Appian hires not only smart employees, but kind humans as well, and I wanted to be a part of it.

During that visit, each meeting I had was in a different conference room. Unfamiliar with the office, I’d get to the right floor and then ask the first person who walked by for directions. I expected people to give me directions and go on their way, but every single person walked me to the room. 

It was uncanny, so I called my wife who is from DC and asked: is this an east coast thing? Throughout my time here I have learned that it wasn’t a regional thing but just the Appian way of life. As I expected, people are smart and accomplished, but they’re also solid humans - kind, caring, and extend that warmth to new people.  

This may seem cheesy, but I felt like that experience represents the type of people here at Appian. We go that extra step to make newcomers feel welcome and supported, and that goes a long way. 

Join the Low-code movement.

Another reason I joined Appian was because of the growth opportunity within the low-code industry. I believe in the future  when people hear “software development” they’ll assume it’s done in  low-code. Similar to today, if you’re starting a tech company it’s just assumed it’s in the cloud and not on-premise. 

My team is responsible for marketing the platform, solutions, and services. Appian accelerates our customers’ businesses by discovering, designing, and automating their most important processes. Often we’re asked how to describe what Appian does, and I like to describe it in terms of the impact we make for customers.

How our platform supports rapid growth with customers. 

One of the largest wireless carriers in Canada was looking to introduce an advanced 5G network to their customers. They found that their existing digital systems and tools wouldn't scale sufficiently to meet the projected 10x increase in activities. They needed a platform that was highly flexible and could support rapid growth, so they turned to Appian.

The customer used the Appian Low-Code Platform to develop an end-to-end workflow management tool to help with the build out activities required to set up their new 5G network (think hardware, software, maintenance, etc).  

They now use our leading workflow and automation capabilities to do more with less. Here’s the impact: 

  • 10-15x faster software development cycles
  • Ability to use seamlessly incorporate advanced AI and robotic process automation (RPA), which eliminated the need to review ~20,000 emails as compared to before
  • 11 legacy and external systems integrated once fully complete

In a world that is constantly evolving, this is a great example of how Appian is a platform for change for our customers; these kinds of stories are a driving force in our work on the Marketing team. 

Grow your marketing career with a company and industry that’s growing too. 

Our Marketing team grew a tremendous amount in 2021 and we’re not slowing down. We’re hiring for many roles and looking for a wide array of experiences. It’s not only about what people are capable of doing, but how they’re able to do it. We’re looking for people better than ourselves, who are going to raise the bar and help us scale.

Even though Appian is two decades old, our story is just being written. There’s still a lot of canvas left to paint. We’re looking for folks to join our Marketing team who are energized to help develop the low-code industry and the future of work. 

See our current openings on the Marketing team here

Darr Gerscovich Headshot

Written by

Darr Gerscovich

Darr Gerscovich is the Vice President of Product & Solution Marketing.