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Top Three Reasons to Join the Appian Sales Team

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We know the best salespeople achieve the most when they are selling an outstanding product backed by an extraordinary, supportive company where they’re set up for success. That’s what you get when you sell for Appian.

What’s unique about the Appian Sales team? We asked the people who know it best — our employees. They shared what drew them to Appian in the first place, what motivates them in their everyday work, and their career journey within Appian Sales. Here are the top three things that really stand out and make Appian the right choice for them:

  1. The growth opportunities available through promotion and participation in different programs, particularly Appian Affinity Groups
  2. The opportunity to champion an innovative product and expand into new markets
  3. Working with an agile and collaborative team who prioritizes camaraderie over competition

If you’re considering making a career move and trying to assess if Appian might be the right fit for you too, we’re sharing more insight about each of these areas. Keep reading to hear from three of our Sales team members’ points of view: 

Reason #1 to join the Appian Sales team: Grow in your career and become a leader 

Meet Kristin Scott, VP, US Commercial Sales

Eight years in the making: My career growth at Appian 

Early in my career, a mentor quoted the famous Wayne Gretzky aphorism to me, counseling me to "skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been.” I applied that insight when I was approached about a new low-code automation platform (Appian) that could digitize and revolutionize a virtually unlimited addressable market. 

Quickly,  I recognized the sheer opportunity that lay ahead and was keen to help my customers solve their problems through automation. I was immediately struck by the visionary mentality of the senior leadership and the collegial, positive culture that pervades the organization. 

Since that day, I have never looked back or wavered about what Appian can and will accomplish. I’ve been fortunate to hold a variety of positions at Appian from being an individual contributor, to a front-line and second-line leader, to now running the US Commercial business. As Appian grows, so do the opportunities to take on new responsibilities!

What supported your career growth at Appian?

I’ve had the pleasure of working for and alongside an exceptional group of people that I learn from every day. When I first joined, we founded the Women’s Leadership Program — now AppianWomen. As President and one of the founding members, I had the opportunity to be exposed to different departments and meet exceptional women across the organization, which was a big part of my experience at Appian.

I’m grateful for the support I’ve received to grow my own leadership skills while at Appian and the inclusive and open culture that empowers people to start new programs as we did with AppianWomen to create community and foster career growth. 

Reason #2 to join the Appian Sales team: Champion a leading innovative product expanding into new markets 

Meet Dirk Pohla, Regional VP, International

Building a world-class team to sell a world-class product

I joined Appian back in 2013 and was the first employee in Central Europe outside of the UK. I was drawn to Appian because of two things: the culture, and the very advanced and modern product that we sell. 

Since then, I have built up the entire German-speaking Appian organization (Appian DACH), which now comprises over 50 employees and has implemented many successful client projects.

What motivates you in your work? 

Success and the impact of our product! It’s so motivating to hear positive feedback from our customers and partners, and for my team to see the real results of our work firsthand.

Our Appian product is driving digital transformation and has always been very modern, progressive, and innovative. It’s exciting to be part of the growth of our product and our team as the German market for Low-code automation is expanding rapidly as organizations look to transform their processes and deploy innovative new business solutions.

From day one onwards Appian has always been a leader in our markets, rated by independent IT analysts, such as Gartner. I’m proud to be part of a team selling a product that we can see a tangible impact from, and we can very quickly show the customer results and how we add value to their business operations.

Reason #3 to join the Appian Sales team: Be part of an agile and collaborative team 

Meet Li Ma, Federal Account Executive

From Customer Success to Sales: Finding a new way to engage with Appian customers

I started at Appian more than six years ago as a Consultant on our Customer Success Team. My experience in that role helped me gain a better perspective of the amazing impact our technology makes on our customers. From there, I got the opportunity to travel the world and meet with customers from every major industry and learn about their experiences with our platform. Ultimately, I was drawn to the camaraderie amongst the Sales team and the amazing connections they’re able to build with customers.

How would you describe the Sales team culture?

It’s agile, fast-paced, and celebrated. There’s never a dull moment and the team is the best at adapting to various situations and adjusting to different dynamics. The healthy competition also leads to well-deserved recognition and fuels growth. 

People tend to think that Sales is really intense and intimidating. I was pleasantly surprised about how much fun people have! There’s a healthy balance of discipline and just having a great time not only with other team members but also with our customers. Our culture shows through our interactions with the customers we support. 

Appian Sales has the most collaborative and inclusive environment I’ve ever worked in. Regardless of where we are in the world or what industry we support, everyone always finds time to provide guidance and bring perspectives into each other's opportunities. 

I love that I can post a question on our internal Sales page and I’ll receive responses almost instantly. The number of resources at our fingertips and the level of knowledge spread across the Sales team allows me to feel confident in every Sales situation I’m in. I am also inspired every day by how motivated and precise my teammates are. 


Career growth, selling a game-changing product, and joining a collaborative and inclusive culture are what you can expect when you join the Appian Sales team. We hope you enjoyed hearing the stories from Kristin, Dirk, and Li about their experiences here at Appian!

If you’re interested in joining the Appian Sales team, take a look at our Sales careers page with current open positions. 

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