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Interviewing at Appian: What to Expect and How to Succeed

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We get it, job interviews can be nerve-wracking. At times, they can feel overwhelming, and there’s also a lot to weigh when it comes to making a big decision like changing careers! 

That’s why at Appian, we want to make sure you have everything you need ahead of time to prepare for your interview. We want you to be able to bring your best self to your interview and hope you can show up feeling prepared and confident to showcase your achievements and expertise.

In this blog, we’re sharing insights from our recruiters hiring in Sales, Engineering, and Students and Early Career positions to lay out what you can expect before, during, and after your interview at Appian. They’ll also share their top tips for how to do well. Let’s dive in.

Before your interview: Prep call with your recruiter.

First, you’ll talk to a recruiter who will set up a kickoff call before the interview. This call will act as a prep session where you and your recruiter review the role responsibilities, how to prepare, and who you’ll be meeting with in the interview process. This includes the hiring manager, and depending on the role, other Appian employees or executives. 

Your recruiter knows the position and the team well, and they’re an amazing source of information. 

You’ll also receive email communications with full names of everyone you’ll be interviewing with, and how the interview will work. 

Your virtual interview will be through Google Meet, and you’ll get a text from our coordinator right before the interview time to check in that you’re ready to go and see if you have any tech issues. When logistics and safety allow, interviews are also conducted at our HQ, however most of Appian interviews are conducted through Google Meet.


Meet Nora Kim, Recruiting Operations Specialist.

  • Do your research. Start by reading the AppianLife blog, our company social media accounts, and look up the people you’ll be interviewing with on LinkedIn.
  • Update and study your resume. Look at your past experiences that can be applied to the role you’re interviewing for to find connections, and be prepared to talk about them.
  • Dress for the role. Good practice is to dress at or a half step above the standard at the company you are interviewing with, and note that Appian is a business casual environment. If you’re not sure about attire for the team, ask your recruiter.
  • Test out Google Meet ahead of time. We know tech can be frustrating (and glitches happen!) but having it set up for 10 minutes before will help with nerves and ensure you’re ready to go. 
  • Beforehand, take a breath and remember we’re all human! We’re more interested in thoughtful, complete answers than quick ones. It’s okay if there’s awkward silences (especially on video when silence sometimes doesn’t translate well over our computer screens!), or you need a break or a few extra minutes to think. We know you may be nervous and we’re here to support you.

During your interview: Use the STAR method. 

To help communicate effectively, we encourage candidates to prepare experiences you’re most proud of ahead of time using the STAR method — situation, task, action and result of past achievements you want to highlight.

This enables a well-organized, succinct delivery of your experience while leaving you well positioned to focus on follow-up questions. Remember to focus on not only what was accomplished but why it was meaningful. 

You’ll know the focus of the interview ahead of time from your recruiter, and it could include a variety of behavioral or technical questions, depending on the role. 


 Meet Anissa Pierson, Principal Technical Talent Acquisition Partner.

  • Bring your questions to ask at the end. We love to hear candidates ask thoughtful questions about the direction of the company, how it aligns with your values and career growth, impact of your work or customized questions to your interviewers.
  • Think out loud if you’re going through a problem solving exercise, to help interviewers see your approach. It’s not always about getting the answer “right,” it’s about better understanding how you think and tackle challenges.

After your interview: Recruiter follow-up.  

You did it, congratulations! You’ll hear from your recruiter about next steps.

For engineering positions, after the interview you may be invited to do a technical-focused “virtual on-site” event where you’ll meet with a brand ambassador, four engineers (including a hiring manager), and an executive.

The whole application process takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on the position and your availability. 


Meet Kelsey Moore, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition —  Sales. 

  • Ask your recruiter for feedback after your first interview. It shows initiative and willingness to improve, and may be helpful for your next interview.  
  • Don’t be afraid to contact your recruiter if you have follow up questions or want clarification, they’re here to help. 

What you should know about Appian culture. 

We’re innovative and looking for new team members who think outside the box and bring curiosity and collaboration skills to the team. We’re a growing company, with many growth opportunities for our employees to explore and advance in their career. 

We pride ourselves on having a people first mentality. This means being generous, inclusive, respectful, and willing to help others — including from your first interaction with us when you apply for a job and throughout the entire interview process. We’re here to support you, and through your time as a candidate, and then (hopefully!) as an employee. 

Don’t just take our word for it! To hear more about working at Appian, read stories from employees themselves on our AppianLife blog.

Learn more about interviewing on the Sales team, Engineering team, and in your early career.

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Nora Kim, Anissa Pierson, and Kelsey Moore

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