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Tips for Interviewing for Internships and Early Career Roles at Appian

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When you’re searching for a summer internship, or for your first full-time job after graduation, we know it can be intimidating to know where to start. Every summer, Appian hires about 50 interns and we know this may be your first interview experience. 

That’s why we want to help set you up for success by laying out what you can expect in our interviewing process and tips for how to do well. 

Connecting with university students.

We partner with many schools mainly on the East Coast to work with students from their first or second year onwards to support  their growth and development, and share what a career at Appian could look like for them in the future. 

We’re looking for students studying in programs like engineering, computer science, data science, and business.

On campus (virtually now of course), we participate in career fairs (if you see us, come say a virtual hello!) and sponsor career centers . Through these programs, we offer mock interviews with our recruiters and an early career mentorship program for students who are interested in being matched with an Appian employee in their field. 

If you’re unsure if we’re working with your university, get in touch with us or check with your careers center! 

The recruiter interview. 

Now that you’ve met us on campus, and submitted your application, it’s time for your first interview. This will be a virtual meeting with a recruiter to get to know your career goals and so they can share more about the role you’re applying for. 

To prepare for this interview, do your research on Appian through our website, and read past intern experiences on our AppianLife blog. But remember, it’s not a quiz! We won’t ask specific questions about the company or our history, but by doing your research you can come prepared with questions you can ask at the end of the interview.

As a student, you probably know all about studying, but have you done a “self-study”? What I mean by that is to look thoroughly through your resume and your own experiences; everything from class projects, to campus club activities or volunteer work, and be able to articulate what you learned from these experiences, the skills you gained, and the impact of your work. 

You’ll hear back from your recruiter about whether you’ve moved onto the next stage or not. This is a great time to ask your recruiter for feedback on how you did, and what you can improve on your next interview. 

Joining our “Super Days”.

The next step in our interview process is a virtual half-day which we call “Super Day.”  Super Days showcase Appian as an employer and community, and complete the final round of interviews. It is a chance to learn about the company and meet many employees and leaders on the team.

We invite several candidates to these half-day events that kick off with a Q&A with our leadership teams, and presentations that may include a product demo or departmental overview
We then break out  into individual  interviews, where you’ll have lots of opportunities to ask questions!

You’ll be equipped with a ton of context going into these interviews from your recruiter ahead of time, and we’re flexible with timing knowing that your current full time job is school, so we’ll work to coordinate a time that works with you. 

During the fall (our busy season) we have two “Super Days” a week, as we’re hiring for summer interns and for full-time positions after students graduate in the spring (aka early careers). 

You’ll hear back from your recruiter within a few business days with interview feedback and potentially a job offer

What we’re looking for in students. 

We value curious students with a growth mindset. That looks like someone who regularly asks for feedback, demonstrates that they can take guidance, and absorb information like a sponge.

We’re genuinely interested in getting to know you as a person, and better understand your willingness to contribute and learn. 

That’s part of what made Appian stand out to Megan Everett, one of our Quality Engineer interns at Appian last year, who wrote about her experience in our blog.

“When I started my internship search, I didn’t really know what I was looking for. I applied to internships all across the board, and when Appian reached out with that initial phone call and first interview, I could tell there was something different about this company, in a good way of course,” Megan said.

“Specifically, I was really impressed with the way each individual I talked to was interested in who I was as a person and not just what experience I did or didn’t have. Even as a potential intern, a founder of the company took the time to interview me and ask what I was passionate about. Between the internship being something I was genuinely interested in, and the company culture itself, I knew I had found how I wanted to spend my summer.”

Join Appian and kickstart your career.

In the interviewing process we provide opportunities for collaboration, to be innovative, and we aim to make candidates feel supported along the way because that’s ingrained in the culture at Appian.

It’s not enough to stay in your lane, work heads down, and do your job at Appian. Part of the culture is very much extending your time and talent to elevate others on the team, and continuously being curious and open to learning. It’s been amazing to see students who started with us in their early university years as interns and how they’ve impacted the company  as full-time employees

By starting your career with us at Appian you’re joining a team of people committed to investing in you, and helping you grow. 

Learn more about working at Appian as an intern here on our blog. 

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