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How I Got Here, and Why I’ve Stayed

By Tricia Goose

Photo by Rebecca Clements

Two weeks ago I waltzed into my boss’s office as if I were on a mission.

“I want to write a blog post for the AppianLIFE Medium Blog.”

She quickly replied, “Do it, Goose!”

At first, I thought, Maybe I’ll write about Sales Recruiting?

Exciting, right?

Eh, maybe. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. More specifically, I love being a Sales Recruiter. I also know there are thousands of blogs or articles out there about it.

I had been going back and forth for about a week on what I wanted to write. What would be appealing? What would be different? How could you, the reader, find value in the words that I’m sharing?

I sit here, on a Friday morning, on my day off, in my new go-to coffee shop in D.C., and it hits me.

Why Appian?

I get this question often. Especially with my 3 year anniversary quickly approaching.


I started my career out of college in Software Sales, and after an “interesting” 18 months, I knew it wasn’t the right career for me.

I will never forget the last sales meeting I went on.

Quite frankly, it changed my life.

I was meeting with an HR director, to whom I was trying to sell payroll software. He bluntly told me, “Tricia. You need to be a recruiter. If you’re still with your current company in Q4, I’ll bring you back in to meet with our CFO. But, I do hope your next call is to tell me about your new recruiting gig.”

I was shocked. Awkwardly, I smiled and stared at him in disbelief.

Am I a horrible sales person? I’m confused. I thought. I mean, I’d always been interested in recruiting. But wait — so, he doesn’t want the payroll software, right? Okay. Okay. Maybe I should look into recruiting? It seems to be in line with all things I love…?

Once I realized my interest, I found Appian fairly quickly (and fortuitously). A good friend of mine, Anna Smith, whom I was often in group projects with during our time at JMU referred me. I came onsite to interview within a week of my first call with the best recruiter, Courtney Connolly. I received my offer within a week, and the rest was history!

After my 6 month mark with Appian, I gave the HR Director a call, and let him know I made the move. I was a Recruiter! He was ecstatic, and so was I. Recruiting truly was the right fit. The perfect fit. And so was Appian.

Growth opportunities GALORE.

When I began my career at Appian, I started as a Recruiting Coordinator, supporting all fellow recruiters on my team. I engaged daily with my peers, management, C-Level executives, colleagues across departments, and our four Founders.

I quickly joined the marketing committee for AppianWOMEN, an affinity group within Appian focused on developing women, building a community of women, and engaging Allies. I worked with my friend, Joanne Ku, on creating fun marketing content for events. Ah, yes. My creative side. I was finally able to let it shine at work.

When I started recruiting for our Sales Department, the growth opportunities prolonged. I was sent to a Women’s Leadership Conference at the Kellogg School of Business sponsored by AppianWOMEN, attended Sales Kick Off, and participated in Sales Boot Camp. I can’t forget the awesome external training my boss, Dawn Mitchell, provided around sourcing and negotiation tactics for the team. We are always learning.

The opportunity to grow professionally within this company is mind-blowing.


What do you like about the culture? I love this question. I really do. It takes me back to the day I interviewed.

You’re meeting with our CEO, Matt Calkins, next!

That 20 minute conversation with Matt easily sold me on Appian and the culture I was looking for.

Matt asked me a few questions, which resulted in me sharing my background with dance and the book I was reading at the time (which, for curious minds, was “Think and Grow Rich”). Still working on the “Grow Rich” part ya’ll, but I do believe good things take time. Ya know? :)

To put it simply, #AppianLIFE is the best life.

AppianPRIDE had their kick off event last week, and AppianHERITAGE officially launched as the newest affinity group earlier this year. It’s really an exciting time.

I often see our free coffee perk getting all of the praise and recognition on our Glassdoor reviews, about which I can’t help but laugh. I mean yes, people, the coffee is great. What’s even greater, though, is the opportunity to work amongst some of the most talented, inspiring, and motivating people in the industry.

… and I guess I’ll throw out Bagel Mondays because who doesn’t love walking into to work with the smell of fresh bagels in the kitchen.

My thoughts?

Pick a company that’s right for you. When deciding to make a career move, self-reflect on what is of utmost importance to you. Not only do we all have a different definition of company culture, but we hold a higher value on certain aspects of it. Aside from understanding the day to day duties of the role you’re interviewing for, think about what areas you want to grow professionally, and identify if the company will help you get there. This is critical. Don’t only ask your recruiter about their culture and growth opportunities. Ask your future manager and potential peers! I promise you won’t regret it.

Appian gave me both a chance to grow, and a culture I find solace within. I wouldn’t trade my team for anything.

The best part?…we are just getting started. :)

Cheers to 3 years, and here’s to many more.

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Published on Apr 4, 2018

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