Celebrate Our Customers

From our Sales and Marketing teams to our Professional Services delivery teams, we are a customer-centric organization. When we deliver successful projects for our customers, it's a win-win for them and us. Oftentimes we celebrate those achievements together. Below you'll read about a few of those stories and how our customers are more than just customers - they're partners in our success. 

Appian World & Appian Around the World

These are two of our tradeshow-style, premier marketing events. Customers and potential customers come to learn about our new product features, best practices, uses cases, and more. Appian typically unveils its biggest new product features at Appian World. Appian Around the World is a smaller, regionally-focused version of Appian World. However, they're both an opportunity for our customers to share their Appian success stories.

Appian World's theme this year? "Appian: The Jet Fuel for Digital Transformation."
Noticing a patern yet?

Our USF Team & Customer Success

Work hard. Play hard. Our University of South Florida (USF) Professional Services team and USF customers celebrate our success on their Top Golf and fishing outings. You'll hear more about the success of our Professional Services team at USF later in the orientation program. 

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Appian Celebrates Diwali!

Another Professional Services team celebrates Diwali with our partner organization - QSS. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn in the northern hemisphere. 

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