Celebrate What We Do

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There's a lot to celebrate when it comes to "what we do." We hire the best, expect the best, and reward the best.

At the company level, we support and celebrate our employees via our tuition assistance programs, leadership development programs, and quarterly employee awards. Our departments support our culture via team outings and other team building events that help keep us unqiuely Appian. Their stories are highlighted below...

Appian MBA Program

"As a first time manager at Appian, the MBA program exposed me to other front line managers and provided a platform to discuss best practices around coaching, development, managing change, among many other topics. The course content and opportunitues to network with other Appian professionals across departments was invaluable."
Kristin Barber, Regional Vice President, 2016 Appian MBA Program

The Appian MBA Program is a leadership development program focused on developing our front-line leaders. Employees who have relied on their functional and technical expertise to get where they are must develop new skills to be successful in a leadership role. As Appian grows, we need new leaders to be successful quickly.

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Kristin Barber, Regional VP

Tuition Assistance Success Story - Korrin Glasscock

"This program allowed me to advance my knowledge in HR through two ways, getting my MBA with an HR concentration and getting my SHRM-SCP certification. These benefits include: advanced knowledge in my field of study, thus allowing me to be a reliable employee for Appian in understanding and knowing more in my field and potentially advancing in my career. Also, when passed per the policy, Appian was able to pay for half of my MBA program and my full certification, which was amazing and a huge load off.

This definitely allowed me to get a better foundation of HR and understand of the different rules and regulations. Through my studies, I was able to use Appian as an example in things like creating and rewriting employee handbooks, understanding their purpose and significance, and being a better manager to our employees and my team. My supervisor, VP of HR Debbie Moser, was 100% supportive of me during this process and was able to provide advice and opinions on my assignments. I also leaned on CFO Mark Lynch heavily from the executive standpoint for advice and mentorship."
 - Korrin Glasscock, HR Manager

Departmental Highlights

From the Brewsdays - a "bottle-share," pot-luck style event where each person brings a unique beverage to share with the group - to the Center of Funcellence in Professional Services, we've got you covered. There's no shortage of team outings or recognition of achievement at Appian. Notably, Appian gives out three major quarterly awards that include stock options. You'll learn more about these awards from our HR team. 

To the right, you'll learn about how one of our innovative Engineers created a "free food button" to alert employees when there is free food on the 11th floor. Below, you'll see an array of pictures from departmental team building activities. 

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Appian Mannequin Challenge 

Yep...we've got that covered too.