Celebrate Who We Are

Appian recognizes that we all come from different backgrounds, we have different professional experiences, and we all bring a different "self" to work. Appian is unique because we are unique. At Appian, we celebrate our uniqueness and our differences.

Below you'll read about a few of our different affinity groups and employee stories. If you see something that you want to get involved in, enter your information below! If you notice that there's something missing, let us know and let's start it!  

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Women's Leadership Progam

Our Women's Leadership Program empowers the women of Appian to maximize positive impact on our careers, Appian, the software industry, and local communities. WLP sponsors professional development workshops, guest speakers, networking and social events, executive luncheons, external conferences, and provides mentorship opportunities. 

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Appian Pride

Appian Pride is a new group at Appian, but is actively recruiting friends and allies. As Appian continues to grow and further establish a global brand, we must explicitly commit to an organized and evolving committee, formal initiatives, continued education, and community-wide awareness for LGBTQIA individuals, issues, and organizations.

Appian Pride aims to celebrate and foster a safe, equal, and affirmative environment within the larger Appian community and beyond; to attract, retain, and develop employees within the LGBTQIA community. We are still formalizing the program for 2017, but event ideas include: guest speakers, conferencees, DC Gay Pride Parade, Northern Virginia Gay Pride Festival, and continuing education and awareness trainings.

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Celebrate Our Veterans

Throw back...Monday? Here are a few of our former servicemen and women that work at Appian. On Veteran's Day our CEO Matt Calkins sent a note to all of the veterans working here at Appian thanking them for their service. 

Do you recognize anyone here? Hint hint...one of your orientation faciliators is pictured. 

And a "hello" from our international colleagues! 

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