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Coder | Leader 

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Agile, it's a mindset... 


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It’s not just about running the scrums; it’s about listening to people, seeing patterns, and always asking: what can we do even better next time? That’s agile. There’s no universal formula that fits every scenario, so you want to embrace change in order to grow.

Ravi BudigelliConcurrent Design & Developer Infrastructure

You get to make an impact larger than just writing code. You're helping build the product and helping the team get there by asking the hard questions that even you might not have the answers to. It's really rewarding because you can be proud of yourself, but also proud of your team.

Megan TracySAIL UI 

As an agile coach, you provide the space for your team to explore any idea in a protected environment. Enabling the team to do the right thing, being willing to let people learn in a safe way, and ultimately helping deliver something everyone is proud of are all huge parts of the role. 

Nicholas SwiercekAdministration + Security & SAIL / Expressions



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Lead Software Engineer

Reston Virginia United States Reston, Virginia, United States Engineering Engineering
At Appian, we’re not only about building awesome software, but also about growing our culture of passion, energy, and innovation; great people, great software! As a Lead Software Engineer at Appian you will help build the next generation of our co...

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