Appian Intern Orientation Resources


You've made it through Orientation! Hopefully we've helped to re-affirm that you made the right choice joining Appian. As we mentioned at the start of the program, your journey is only beginning. Over the next 10 weeks (or more!), you will continue to learn and execute your role with the support of mentors and peers. Using the talents you possess combined with new knowledge and skills learned here, you will make a real impact at Appian!

We've put together a list of resources to help you on that journey. And, when you need a break and want to look back on your first day Appian, we've included some photos as well. Once again, welcome to Appian!

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5/30/17 Orientation Class

Your Orientation in Review

Remember that module when we covered...

We had a great time facilitating this orientation with such an engaged group! We hope you had a similar experience and think back on your orientation as you scroll through these photos. 

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Flyer, Poster
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People, Person, Cafeteria, Restaurant, Cafe, Food Court, Classroom, Crowd, Conference Room
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