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Manager, Solutions Consulting

  • McLean, Virginia
  • Sales - Sales Engineering - Leadership
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In your role as the Associate Solutions Consulting Manager, you will establish a mission and vision for what the program is and what it will accomplish. You will establish metrics that can be used to measure the success of the program. You will directly guide and mentor the Associates through the program. As the manager, you will be accountable for ensuring that Associates receive the guidance and mentorship needed for success.

To accomplish this, you will work closely with sales leadership and field solutions consultants to develop relationships and content that will support the Associates and the ASC program. Using your knowledge of the Appian Solutions Consulting organization, personnel management, and career development skills, you and your mentor network will effectively coach, task, assess, enable, and empower Associates in all core competencies required for successful transition into the Appian Solutions Consultant role.

What you’ll be doing…

  • Establish the ASC Program vision and mission
  • Develop metrics to be used to assess success of the program
  • Develop, deliver, and execute upon individualized 90-day onboarding plans for Associates 
  • Track associate development against a 12 month readiness plan as associates complete the program which typically lasts 12-16 months. 
  • Assess compatibility and match mentors with associates
  • Meet with Associates and mentors biweekly to track progress and tailor each ASC’s development journey
  • Meet with associates as a group weekly to facilitate discussions regarding competencies and career development
  • Meet with associates and mentor network to support ASC development and further learning their learning and networking within the SC team
  • Teach and enable ASCs on Appian’s sales methodology 
  • Coordinate with sales enablement to ensure ASCs are receiving the training required to implement the sales methodology
  • Work alongside Appian’s internal industry experts to assign application builds to the associates at the proper time during their development
  • Identify and assign opportunities for associates to shadow and participate in customer-facing work, including discovery calls, general platform demonstrations, custom demonstrations, and more
  • Develop tailored activities for competency development for Associates
  • Develop and deliver collateral to teach Associates core components of being a Solutions Consultant
  • Collaborate with Solutions Consulting leadership team to match each Associate with a sales region at the end of the program, as well as coordinate and ensure successful transition of Associates to their ultimate sales regions
  • Solicit support and knowledge from colleagues across the Sales organization to bridge social and technical gaps between Associates and Solutions Consultants 

Who you are…

  • Solutions consultant/sales engineer with 5+ years experience 
  • Solutions consultant/sales engineer seeking to move into management role
  • You have a passion for and proven history of mentorship and career development of others
  • You have a passion for Sales and the Solutions Consulting profession
  • You excel in connecting people for synergistic collaboration
  • You have a strong affinity for connecting people with the value of technology and prospective customers with valuable solutions utilizing the Appian platform
  • You thrive in situations where you’re required to work collaboratively to find unique solutions to career and business development challenges
  • You possess a desire to proactively build relationships with others to establish trust and credibility
  • You possess strong listening and empathy skills with a communication style that empowers and encourages others 
  • You actively look to receive feedback to further inform your decision making skills as a leader