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Senior Database Engineer - MySQL


Senior Database Engineer - MySQL

Here at Appian, we’re passionate about technology. We love making it, and we love using it. Joining Appian Engineering will provide you with the opportunity to learn in an environment that values cross-functional collaboration and is committed to personal and professional growth. We want to revolutionise the way people work, and in doing so, we develop the Appian platform to be simple so our customers can thrive.

As a member of the Cloud Database Deployment Team, you will be responsible for the deployment, configuration, and maintenance of numerous MySQL and MariaDB instances. You will ensure that thousands of customer database instances are available and maintained completely automatically without any human interaction. You will work alongside DBAs to recommend and implement changes to the deployment and the configuration of the databases. 

To be successful in this role, you will:

  • Develop scripts to automate everything

  • Implement monitoring and alerting capabilities

  • Be responsible for the operation and maintenance of 2000+ MySQL/MariaDB instances

  • Troubleshoot database problems (e.g performance, high availability and failover), develop tools to expedite resolution of problems (e.g. recover failed instances), and recommend solutions to prevent problems occurring in the first place

  • Work with DBA teammates to enhance and solidify the database deployments

  • Research and evaluate technologies to adopt into our technology stack

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's in Computer Science or a related field.

  • You are an efficient and elegant coder, ideally with 5+ years of demonstrated experience.

  • You are well versed in Unix operating systems and have deep experience with scripting languages such as bash, python, perl, etc.

  • You are familiar with higher level languages such as Java, C#, Kotlin, etc.

  • Automation is your principle. You strive to automate all deployment tasks.

  • You are detail oriented, you analyse problems from all aspects and ensure no line of code is deployed without complete and thorough testing.

  • You have a working knowledge of Docker and related technologies; familiarity with MySQL, MariaDB, and high availability concepts are preferred.

  • Familiarity with AWS is desired.

About Appian :

Before Appian was a company, it was an idea. Not about a product or a market, but about the culture needed to sustain innovation and value. Today, we help businesses build apps and workflows rapidly, with a low-code automation platform.

Appian was founded on the belief that talented and passionate people, given the power and autonomy to excel, will deliver amazing impact. We have worked thoughtfully to create an inclusive, agile and collaborative work environment where employees feel challenged, and all voices are heard. We value and encourage cross-departmental collaboration, and actively seek opportunities to better ourselves and others. Creating impact to us means that when we deliver results, we’re focused on lasting positive change.