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Appian is growing in Chennai, India.

Learn more about why we're building a new development center in Chennai, who the people are behind the magic, and what open opportunities you can apply to now.

Chennai expansion.

Appian was founded in 1999 with the belief that talented, passionate people deliver impact when they are brought together and empowered to excel. Creating impact means that when we deliver results, we focus on lasting change.

Twenty-three years later, we are excited to be building a new product development center in Chennai, India. With the same beliefs and values at the forefront, we are looking forward to delivering high impact to an emerging technology hub. Watch this video to learn all about our expansion in Chennai.

Envision working in Chennai.

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Appian Chennai is a product development center for the Appian Low-Code Platform. The office is proximate to downtown Chennai, Urban Square, WorkEz, OMR near India’s leading science and technology universities. Appian Chennai is an extension of our US-based headquarters. The Chennai teams are seamlessly integrated into the Appian Engineering department as valuable contributors. 



Start your journey in Chennai.

Appian is a tight-knit community of talented professionals. We were founded in the US near Washington, D.C -a growing technology hub of innovative thinkers. Chennai too is an emerging technology hub that is home to top talent, making it a natural expansion of our roots.

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Lead Software Engineer

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We are a 2023-2024 Great Place to Work certified company in India. Explore a career with Appian today!


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Appian Chennai FAQ

Learn more about the strategy behind why we're building a network in Chennai and why you should join.

  • Appian Chennai is our first direct presence in India. Chennai is a natural location for many reasons:
    • Chennai is a growing technology hub. Leading universities including IIT-Madras and the Chennai Mathematical Institute are local to the area and attract innovative minds. Appian is an avenue for applying this talent to the growing low-code market.
    • India is home to many Appian implementation partners and the majority of our certified low-code developers. Some are even based in Chennai. Opening a local office allows us to better support this network and facilitate connections.
    • Appian culture aligns with Chennai. We value excellence, collaboration, continuous learning, and community building. 

Appian continuously innovates on our platform. Expanding our product development in Chennai allows us to hire additional high-caliber employees and develop more platform capabilities at a faster pace. 

  1. Appian is a leader in low-code. Major companies around the world and across all industries use our platform to accelerate their businesses. Low-code is a rapidly growing market with compelling career opportunities.
  2. Appian fosters a tight-knit community of top talent with innovative ideas.
  3. Company culture is very important to us. We are supportive of one another and consider employees to be family.
  • The interview process for Appian Chennai is similar to our interview processes globally. Interviews include:
    • Stage 1 - Phone screen with a recruiter to learn more about your experiences and why you’re interested in working at Appian.
    • Stage 2 - Interview with the role’s hiring manager.
    • Stage 3 - Final round of four interviews. Three interviews with members of the hiring team and one interview with a company executive. 
  • Appian hires talented professionals who are curious and driven to make an impact. 
  • Appian’s work culture is one of respectful debate and collaboration that leads to great outcomes. We look for people who demonstrate these qualities.
  • Chennai-based employees will work with their local team and managers on a day-to-day basis. Global teams will connect when needed. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact with Appian Engineering more generally. Appian Engineering encourages employees to become involved in special interest groups and projects within the larger department (which means the opportunity to interact and work with the US-based team is an option, but will not be required).
  • Appian Engineering is composed of many product development teams. These teams are categorized into “business units” like low-code, discovery and automation, and cloud. 
  • Each business unit is managed by a head of product, head of engineering, and head of quality Engineering (QE). Business units work towards annual strategic objectives.
  • Each business unit is made up of one or more “groups”. Each group focuses on specific goals for each of Appian’s quarterly platform releases. 
  • Each group is made up of one or more “squads”. Each squad consists of about ten team members who focus on the day-to-day activities that support their group’s release work.