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The Cloud groups.

At Appian, we’re not only about building awesome software, but also growing our culture of passion, energy, and innovation. Check out how our Cloud Native groups are enabling the Appian platform.

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The Resilient Services group.

The Resilient Services group is focused on enabling Kubernetes native whole platform elastic scalability through highly available services and Kubernetes.

In addition to providing our own services, our group is working to bring all of Appian Engineering into a modern microservices architecture to empower true DevOps independence, ownership, flexibility, and speed.


What we do.

Resilient Services Group Skills:

Systems integration, Troubleshooting, Performance tuning, Linux administration and shell scripting, Java, Golang, Building services on Kubernetes, Git/Gitlab, Secruity (SAML, auth, certs/encryption), AWS or other cloud platforms (Azure, GCP, etc...) Tomcat, Kafka, Redis


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The Stratus group.

The Stratus group focuses on delivering the Appian Cloud Native platform globally as an easy to consume service owner oriented platform. 

Stratus squads focus on utilizing cloud technologies to build immutable, secure, repeatable, and durable platforms for service owners to quickly build and iterate on. We also build architecture to enable our squads to utilize new tools effectively and seamlessly integrate them into our platform.

Basically, building the paved paths enable service owners to concentrate on building a world class low code platform and not having to become experts in all the things that it takes to deliver a Platform-as-a-Service; that’s our job.


What We Do

Stratus Group Skills:

Infrastructre-as-code, AWS, Terraform Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery, GitLab, Logging, Prometheus telemetry, Appian App Development, Go, Python

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The Cloud Services group.

The Appian Cloud Services group delivers a secure, scalable and resilient platform to our customers that enables the deployment of Appian and empowers users to maximize the value of our industry-leading Low-Code Automation Platform.

Our group provides several software services to different groups within Appian and our customers including but not limited to Cloud integrations & connectivity, content delivery networks, email, etc.


What we do.

Cloud Services Skills:

Systems & software design, AWS or other cloud platforms (AWS certification is a plus), Infrastructure-as-Code, Linux administration and shell scripting, Java, Networking, Building, orchestrating and running services in Kubernetes (Cloud Native Computing Foundation certification is a plus), Information security ( e.g. secrets management, encryption), Troubleshooting, Performance tuning

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