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My First Eight Months at Appian Mexico

Victor Kuri Victor Kuri

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When you realize the potential for growth Appian has here in Latin America, it’s pretty outstanding. In my first eight months as Technical Delivery Manager, I’ve been part of building our Customer Success team and see even more opportunity now than when I joined.

So why join Appian Mexico?

For me, it was:

  • The growth potential in our Customer Success team 
  • Stability at a company I could see myself staying for the long-term 
  • Seeing the impact of how my work could make Appian history in Latin America 

We’re looking for people who get excited about being part of a small team now that has big plans to grow. In eight months, I’ve already seen what that can look like. 

Supporting global enterprises in our customer base. 

Although Appian isn’t well-known in the Mexico City tech industry quite yet, we’re not exactly a startup. When I’ve shared some of the global companies we’re currently working with, people recognize this as a chance to be part of something big.

For example, how Deloitte Robotics automates 100+ processes with Appian, or how one of our finance customers, Citi chose to collaborate with Appian. It shows the opportunity to work with customers in the entire North American region and on a global team with exposure to different cultures as well.

Eight months ago, I started as the third employee in Mexico, and this summer we’ll have 16 team members and soon moving into a new office space. That speaks volumes about our efforts and it’s exciting to think as we grow in 5-10 years, we’ll be sharing stories about when we were merely five people in a room.

Appian also has a growing number of customers and partners in Mexico, and now we’re able to help support them further as we’re building our Mexico City Customer Success team.

Finding a place to stay and grow my career.

During my first week in the Customer Success Academy, I saw quickly that Appian really makes sure people can focus on learning without distractions or pressure during the onboarding experience. Everyone is respected for their time and the different ways they learn. 

I think the focus on the well-being of employees, as well as growth opportunities, is part of why people stay at Appian for a decade or their whole careers. Rogelio Cerrillo, Director of Customer Success, has been at Appian for almost 20 years through so much growth and is still so passionate about his work. That really stood out to me during my interview process and showed me this is a place to grow long-term.

The 3 measurements of success: Impact, visibility, and effort. 

Throughout my career in senior management and customer success, I’ve defined three dimensions of how I measure my job: impact, visibility, and effort. 

In past experiences, the equation has been a very high effort and long hours, sometimes with low impact or visibility. I believe to have a rewarding and fulfilling work life, you need to have a balance of all three.

Here at Appian, I think my position has a high impact in terms of growing our Customer Success team. It’s high visibility as I work directly with our leadership team. For every project and task on my daily to-do list, I’m able to connect back to how it impacts the company goals in Mexico.

How we stay connected globally.

The onboarding program for new employees and processes of how our Customer Success team works is pretty consistent across different countries at Appian, and that’s something I see as an important part of my role too.

I don’t want our Mexico team to come back from visiting HQ in Virginia, and then feel disconnected and like it’s a completely different environment at home. 

Affinity Groups are one of the many ways we have stayed connected with other Appian employees around the world. I recently joined AppianGreen as a co-chair and we’re planning monthly Green Talks on different environmental topics and lunch and learns partnering with plant-based local restaurants. 

Being part of Appian history in Latin America. 

We’re a small team now but have ambitious plans to grow to become a large enterprise in Mexico. I think that’s a pretty motivating reason to join Appian and be part of what we’re building today.

Learn more about joining our team in Mexico City. 

Victor Kuri

Written by

Victor Kuri

Victor Kuri is a Technical Delivery Manager at Appian.