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How We’re Building our Customer Success Team in Mexico

Lorena Lorena Espino


Hi, my name is Lorena and I am Area VP of Customer Success Strategy at Appian. I grew up and studied Engineering in Mexico. My family and I moved to the US ten years ago. I’m super proud of my roots in Mexico and very excited to be part of the work thats helping the Appian Customer Success team expand in Mexico City. 

I joined Appian because I wanted to be part of a fast growing company that is helping build the future of tech. I also joined because of the quality of the people at Appian. Everyone cares and is committed to delivering significant value to our customers. In particular, the Customer Success team is genuine, thoughtful and curious. We all have a voice, and thrive in a culture where the best idea wins. We all learn from each other and from our customers and believe that by working together, we can deliver better outcomes. 

In that spirit, I want to answer some questions you may have if you’re considering joining our new Mexico City Customer Success team. 

What makes Mexico City the best place to expand the Appian Customer Success team?  

Mexicans are problem-solvers. We are very creative and always looking to innovate and change things for the better. We are respectful and listen to each other's ideas. We are optimistic people who want to contribute and use their generosity for good.

These are the elements of Mexican culture that are also values I see at Appian every day, which is why Mexico is a great place for the expansion of our team. 

Customer success is about helping and doing better. With our platform, we help our customers improve their key processes and foster innovation. We know our product is of value to customers all over the world. We have partnered with our customers to build great solutions for health sciences organizations, environmental initiatives, and educational institutions among others.

Appian has a growing number of customers and partners in Mexico, and we’re excited to help support them further with our Mexico City team. 

How does the Mexico-based Customer Success team work with their US-based coworkers?

We are all on the same team! The Mexico-based team members will be working with customers in the US, expanding their exposure and customer base to companies outside of Mexico. We will all be working together to deliver great experiences and support to our customers in the US and Latin America. If you are working as a Customer Success Consultant in Mexico you’ll be working directly with international customers throughout the entire life-cycle of projects. 

How does the Mexico City team stay connected with the global Appian team? 

Appian is a global company with hiring hubs around the world, so we are very deliberate about making sure people feel connected wherever they are. We have a mentorship program where everyone in Mexico is connected with a leader at Appian who is not on their direct team. Learn more about the program here. 

The Customer Success leadership team in the US will be regularly visiting the Mexico City office, and we already have a calendar with everyone’s rotation throughout the year. There will also be opportunities for employees in Mexico to visit our US head office in Virginia.

I’m a remote employee based in San Francisco and it’s my first time working as a fully remote employee.   There are so many company-wide programs and Affinity Groups to join at Appian that help make you feel connected. I feel like I am fully part of the team and do not notice a difference in being remote. We also have our small Appian community in the San Francisco Bay area, so I have never felt alone.

What are the career growth opportunities for team members in Mexico? 

The Appian office in Mexico is starting with Customer Success but it’s going to grow quickly to expand our teams in Sales, Business Technology, Engineering, and more. We want to provide employees with opportunities to learn both the technical and business sides of Appian. We’re not looking for candidates who are only super technical, we’re also looking for those interested in being part of growing their careers and our business together. 

In Mexico, it’s traditional to work in the specific field that you studied for your whole career. If you study mechanical engineering at university, for example, you may go to a production plant and work as a mechanical engineer for years. That is not the case at Appian, we are looking for talent, not for specific degrees. 

What’s unique about Appian is that there are so many opportunities to learn and grow regardless of your degree. We care about people developing their careers and we have learning and development programs set up to do just that. It’s common at Appian for employees to change roles or even teams within the company. 

Why join Appian Mexico? 

Innovation, respect, and generosity are core values of Mexican culture that Appian employees live by every day. You can expect to feel immersed in these values when you join our Appian Mexico Customer Success team. You’ll be setting yourself up for an exciting career with many growth opportunities and the chance to learn from coworkers around the world. I’m so proud of Mexico and I’m so excited to be part of this growing team.

Learn more about joining the Appian Mexico team here.


Written by

Lorena Espino

Lorena Espino is the Area Vice President of Customer Success Strategy at Appian.